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Our Focus


World Heritage brings together exceptional cultural sites that belong to all humankind. ICOMOS is one of the three formal advisory bodies to the World Heritage Committee, and is in particular responsible for the evaluation of all nominations of cultural and mixed properties against the basic criterion of ‘outstanding universal value’ and other criteria as specified in the Convention. The role of ICOMOS Malaysia in the nomination process is to support the work of ICOMOS, in relation with the State Party and the expert, and to provide background technical advice when requested.


The ICOMOS Heritage@Risk reports aim to identify threatened heritage places, monuments and sites, present typical case studies and trends, and share suggestions for solving individual or global threats to our cultural heritage. ICOMOS Malaysia is invited each year to provide short reports outlining risks in their country or area of expertise including case studies through the Heritage Alert process.

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18 April: International Day of Monuments and Sites

International Day of Monuments and Sites (also known as World Heritage Day) was established on 18 April 1982 to celebrate the diversity of heritage throughout the world.
Together with other ICOMOS National Committees, ICOMOS Malaysia celebrates the event annually through various kinds of activities and programs.

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