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The Heritage@Risk program was endorsed by ICOMOS members at the General Assembly in Mexico in 1999. The aim of these reports is to identify threatened heritage places, monuments and sites, present typical case studies and trends, and share suggestions for solving individual or global threats to our cultural heritage. Each year an invitation is made to all ICOMOS National Committees, International Scientific Committees and ICOMOS' world-wide professional network, to provide short reports outlining risks in their country or area of expertise including case studies.


ICOMOS Heritage Alert

The Heritage Alert objectives

  • Use the expertise of the members of the ICOMOS Scientific Committees and relevant ICOMOS National Committees to assess the significance of and threats to a property indicated to be at risk;

  • Confirm the facts of the threat and the heritage significance of the property;

  • Alert the public to the significance and threat to the property at risk using ICOMOS networks to publicise the situation;

  • Selectively act to support the conservation of the property at risk;

  • Maintain a list of properties at risk and follow the results of any conservation action for future analysis

  • Provide input to the ICOMOS Heritage at Risk Report.

    Download the Heritage Alert Template and send it once completed to the ICOMOS International Secretariat (secretariat[at]

    Learn more about the Heritage Alert Process here.

ICOMOS Malaysia Heritage Watch

The initiation of the ICOMOS Malaysia Heritage Watch hopes to promote the conservation of cultural heritage and draw attention to the threats which it confronts and to promote good conservation solutions. Using the ICOMOS Heritage Alert Template, members of the public are encouraged to alert ICOMOS Malaysia on sites and buildings in the country that are viewed to be at risk, even if they are not located within Malaysia's designated World Heritage Sites. 

2017_04_29 World Heritage Day Forum_small.jpg

ICOMOS Malaysia Heritage Watch

Alerts (updated 17 October 2018)

SMK Raja Perempuan Kelsom, K. Kangsar

Original roof structure removed!

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