Greetings from ICOMOS Malaysia

On behalf of ICOMOS Malaysia Board and Members, we wish you a Happy World Heritage Day celebration on 18th April 2020.

Notwithstanding the current global COVID-19 pandemic, ICOMOS Malaysia wishes the world on this auspicious World Heritage Day. Many planned events were forced to be cancelled and/or postponed because of this pandemic. However, ironically this occasion also allows us to pause and reflect on the intrinsic values of our tangible and intangible Heritage, the Environment, and Humanity.

The movement restriction in various countries have remarkably contributed towards improved environmental quality and awareness. For example, the quality of the river in the city of Kuala Lumpur have resulted in an increase of breeding of fish and the resultant presence of more birds and river otters (memerang) feeding on the fish, thus displaying greater eco-environmental balance in the city. Likewise, the quality of air is further enhanced by the marked reduction of atmospheric pollutants.

InshaAllah, this pandemic lockdown provides opportunities for deep reflections and correction towards an improved and better quality of life in sustaining of our rich Heritage.

Malaysia is fortunate to have four UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS) by the declaration of the Kinabalu Park, Mulu Caves, twin trading cities of George Town and Melaka, the Lenggong Perak Man site, plus a few other outstanding sites in the tentative list for UNESCO's consideration.

Meantime, various local buildings of significance and cultural practices have been identified and gazetted as our National Heritage under the Malaysian Heritage Act 2005.

Malaysia is indeed fortunate to be a country with diverse and inclusive ethnic, cultural, social, and religious entities. With this rich environmental and cultural heritage within the human values of all Malaysians, ICOMOS Malaysia wishes to share with all members and friends the value of these inheritance and once again extend our best wishes in celebrating the World Heritage Day!!! Yours sincerely,

Dato' Ar. Hajeedar bin Abdul Majid President of ICOMOS Malaysia, 2018-2020 #sharedculture #sharedheritage #sharedresponsibility